Roof Reports

Roof Reports

We have, over the years, carried out roof reports for various estate agents or prospective buyers or sellers of properties where the valuation or surveyors report has come up with a possible problem with the roof and would just like to make you aware of our service, as sometimes it may be difficult to find someone who will do this.

Although it is not a structural survey or an actual surveyors report, our clients have found it to be a useful addition to their report especially if a roof problem has come up on a valuation or surveyors report. We inspect in the loft space and also inspect the roof using a ladder and not just from the ground level. We have wide experience of roofs and the usual problems, or areas where leaks tend to occur, which may be helpfull in the future even if nothing is showing up at the moment, as we do a lot of repair work.

The report would also include an estimate of cost of any work deemed necessary so the buyer can then negotiate with the vendor using this estimate, if they wish. Please note that there is no obligation to use us to carry out the work and that it may be advisable to obtain a second estimate from another reputable roofing contractor.

The charge for the report is £150 + vat.

If the roof is not actually leaking at the moment we cannot say for certain that an area we point out will definetely leak in the future but we base our information on our experience of what can happen. Also we cannot always spot a leak if we are not aware of a problem.



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